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damn….. ash is shredded as fuck

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Thirty years of D&D


I’m a giant fan of Patrick Rothfuss and his King killer chronicle. If you have time, check out this post and if you have even more time then you should read his books.

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101 Ongoing Plot Hooks for DnD and Pathfinder



1.  Stolen sin

A series of robberies throughout Kazan have targeted churches, wizard’s studies and alchemical laboratories. The robbers unique modus operandi of bypassing security measures through finesse and infiltration identifies them as a freelance group made up of an elven thief, a dwarven sorcerer and a halfling cleric. Every item and piece of lore taken from each location relates to sins, vices and guilt. The PCs must investigate who hired them and why.

2.  Hunting for the Veil

The PCs work for Bureau 2 of the Veil, and are tracking an unauthorized necromancer. The necromancer follows bandits and orcs, waiting for them to attack unlucky travelers. After the battle ends, the necromancer waits for the corpses to rise as undead and then takes control of them. The PCs must deal with the hostile forces that the necromancer has been following and stop the necromancer from assembling his army of zombies.

3.  Hunted by the Veil

After being publicly exposed as magic users, the PCs are being hunted by the Veil. The PCs must find a way to escape the Veil’s trackers or somehow prove that they are not magic users. If the PCs are caught by the Veil, they are told that their deaths must be faked and they must begin a new life. 

4.  Hunted by Magesith

One or more magic users in the group are being hunted by a magesith, a type of cruel warrior that inflicts large amounts of pain to subdue and control their opponents. Magesith are trained to hunt magic users, to embrace pain and to feel no pity or mercy. 

Quick Template: Magesith (CR +1)
All attacks deal nonlethal damage, and leave their opponent staggered for one round. Gains Spell Resistance equal to new CR + 10.

5.  Help undead regain control

After dying and not being given a proper burial, an NPC rises as a zombie. The PCs are friends with the NPC or are hired to help the NPC regain control. While the zombie retains the memories and personality that it did in life, it’s overwhelmed by an insatiable hunger. The hunger can be suppressed for one day with a restoration spell or cured with a greater restoration spell. The PCs must prevent the zombie from hurting himself or others while keeping him safe and searching for a greater restoration spell.

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So, it was our group’s second session, and the thief, having successfully pickpocketed an old blind woman, was getting cocky. He decides to try to break into a house while the rest of the party buys supplies.

Thief: I’m going to break into that house right there.

DM: It’s midday. There are guard…

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"At least you love me." I say to my pet as I hold them against my chest as they try to get away

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The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog


The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog